The Lab - Budaiya

The Great Escape Challenge

The Lab

Budaiya , Bahrain

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You as a special agent are assigned to discover a suspicious incident at a secret laboratory from where a professor has disappeared from.

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Capacity: 4-10

Phone: 39603490

Road No 6905, Abu Saiba, Bahrein

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4 Player: 40 BHD
10 BHD / Player
5 Player: 50 BHD
10 BHD / Player
6 Player: 60 BHD
10 BHD / Player
7 Player: 70 BHD
10 BHD / Player
8 Player: 80 BHD
10 BHD / Player
9 Player: 90 BHD
10 BHD / Player
10 Player: 100 BHD
10 BHD / Player

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The lab contains a hidden serum he had developed which will save the inhabitants of the world from a deadly infectious bacteria released by a meteorite which had fallen to earth.