Riddle Room - Canberra

Riddle Room

Riddle Room

Canberra, Australia

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An Escape Room is a fun and exciting experience like no other. You are placed into a specially designed room with your friends and you have to solve a series of...

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Capacity: 2-5


16 Marjorie Bernard Ln, Franklin ACT 2913

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2 Player: 78 AUD
39 AUD / Player
3 Player: 111 AUD
37 AUD / Player
4 Player: 135 AUD
34 AUD / Player
5 Player: 175 AUD
35 AUD / Player

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Each puzzle is different and will require you think inventively. You will need to think about clues carefully, analyse your surrounding, use objects in unusual ways and work as a team to escape. As you solve each puzzle you’ll uncover new information that will make you rethink everything in the room. Communication with your team is the most important tool to use if you want to get out in time.

Escape Rooms first begun in 2007 in Japan and have quickly spread to all corners of the globe. In Australia, escape rooms started in Melbourne and then made their way across the country. As the awareness of escape rooms grew it was important that Canberra has its own escape room so we weren’t being left behind.

The Nightmare Room

You are contacted by the DreamWake Corp. an experimental science facility that specialise in Oneirology, the study of dreams. They have developed a new technology which can transfer a conscious mind into another's subconscious. They need your help with a particular case; a patient is trapped inside a recurring nightmare. 

The DreamWake Corp. believe that if you are able to go deep into her subconscious and find out what is causing the nightmare she’ll be able to wake up. This procedure has never been fully tested and once inside you'll only have 60 minutes before you lose your connection and become trapped inside her nightmare forever. 

Anything could happen in the Nightmare Room.