EscapXperience - Oakleight



Oakleight, Australia

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You and your friends find yourselves in a locked room. Your only hope of escaping is to solve the mystery before you.

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 399,128,162

Eaton Mall,

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2 Player: 80 AUD
40 AUD / Player
3 Player: 114 AUD
38 AUD / Player
4 Player: 144 AUD
36 AUD / Player
5 Player: 160 AUD
32 AUD / Player
6 Player: 180 AUD
30 AUD / Player

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An experience like no other. Piecing together the clues, you and your co-captives must work together using all your complementary strengths, skills and experiences to get out in time. EscapeXperience is an immersive interactive experience where you are held captive in a fantasy world limited only by your imagination. Your objective is to escape the room by solving a series of challenges demanding your lateral thinking skills, your street smarts, observational skills and all your senses. Stakes are high and you will need to use every member of your team to conquer the Escape Master. Choose from 3 exciting and challenging experiences. Can your team escape from the room before it's too late?



December 22 1947 You wake up in an unfamiliar room with no memory of who you are or how you came to be there. The door has been locked behind you, the window boarded up. Outside there is chaos on the streets as the world is threatened by a new catastrophe. Can you remember why you are here and what you need to do to escape before its too late?


Strange things are happening at the burlesque. You are going in undercover to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. Behind the glamour and mystery lies a dark secret that someone is desperate to keep hidden. Can you solve the mystery and escape before its too late?