Break The Code - Sydney

Break The Code

Break The Code

Sydney, Australia

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Challenging and fun live escape game designed for all ages.
The goal is simple yet challenging: Get out in time!
Else... you could be trapped inside...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 289 577 640

Level 1, 741 George Street Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia.

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40 AUD

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Break The Code+ offers "escape the room" experience by searching the clues and solving puzzles within a time limit. Our unique game offers an experience that will definitely keep your mind occupied! If you like answering riddles, solving puzzles , looking for challenges and want to be the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, this game is just for you! If you are a traveller, Break The Code+ has to be in your Places-to-visit list. Be awed with our amazing games and friendly staff.

On the contrary from Break The Code, Break the Code+ offers bigger rooms and better codes. Equipped with comprehensive technologies and mind boggling puzzles, players are able to enjoy our exciting themes in an increased level. The themes consist of interesting story plots specifically designed by experts, which can be challenging yet fun for all players.


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