Clock Locked - Sydney

Clock Locked

Clock Locked

Sydney, Australia

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Here's the game where you can test yourself! The game where YOU are the HERO...... It's a room, a LIVE INTERACTIVE GAME in Sydney where you can have...

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Capacity: 3-5

Phone: 292 124 947

Suite 101 Level 5 330 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007

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120 AUD

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the heart is beating fast! You and your mates (3-5 people) are going to be LOCKED in a room and you have to find a "KEY" which will take you closer to salvation. Your way out, through breaking codes, solving riddles and devil locks all IN 60 MNUTES OR LESS.


Da Vinci

2 - 6 players
Regular Price: $130 total
Student Price: $110 total

An elusive society plays with ancient powers and roams the Vatican City. A cardinal grows suspicious of his fellow cardinal, and has called upon your detective skills. You’ve been commissioned to discover his secrets and dark company he keeps.

There’s a need to use your wits, outsmart ancient smokes and mirrors. Can you unravel the truth before it’s too late?


2 - 5 players
Regular Price: $130 total
Student Price: $110 total

You’re a team of forensic scientists. Your genius colleague, Dexter never socialises and you know very little about his personal life. He’s seen in and out of the office at extremely odd hours, carrying strange packages in different sizes. Your curiosity grows, daring each other to peak into Dexter’s office. After a slow day at work, you finally sneaked in...and discover dark terrible secrets! You turn to run away but the door slams shut and you’re imprisoned by Dexter’s security system. He has been alerted and is on his way back. Can you work together and find your way out or will you experience’s Dexter’s wrath?   


3 - 7 players
Regular Price: $150 total
Student Price: $130 total

You have received a package with a message from one of your closest friends, an archaeologist currently in an excavation project in Egypt. “I have discovered the Pharoah’s treasure but smugglers are chasing me for it. I’ve stashed the treasure secretly so I can divert the smugglers away from it. Please use my notes to collect the treasure. Let us a meet at a safe point. Please be quick! I am uncertain how long before the smugglers will be on your trail…”

You’re flying to Egypt to aid your friend, but are you smart and fast enough?