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Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt

Sydney, Australia

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The only Sydney themed escape rooms! We have 6 games rooms offering 3 different adventures (two identical rooms for each adventure) right in the heart of Sydney

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: +61 2 9299 3929

Level 4, 393 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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2 Player: 84 AUD
42 AUD / Player
3 Player: 120 AUD
40 AUD / Player
4 Player: 152 AUD
38 AUD / Player
5 Player: 180 AUD
36 AUD / Player

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The Escape Hunt Experience is one of the top tourist attractions in multiple cities globally.  This new and amazing concept is now open in Sydney!!! It's exciting, addictive, challenging, educational and above all, fun! Voyage back 100 years in time and play the part of a famous detective solving mysteries set in Sydney's historic The Rocks area.

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NEW! SECRET SERVICE MISSION: Our newest room, launched in Dec 2016 where your mission as Australian Secret Service Agents, is to investigate the disappearance of the Prime Minister, Harold Holt. You've got an hour to cross the city to meet your informant, get the intel and follow the clues, all while trying to evade the mystery assassins who's hot on your trail.

ROBBERY IN THE COTTAGE: The entire gold coin stash of The Rock’s largest workers’ cottage has been stolen! As famous detectives, use your keen eye, logic and quick thinking to solve the escape room in an hour before the thief disappears forever! Pit yourself against other detectives to solve the crime and beat the record time!Considered the best escape room Sydney has to offer family groups. It is challenging, with no horror or gore and PG subject 

EXTORTION IN THE DOCKYARD: The Captain is being blackmailed. As famous detectives, use your keen eye, logic and quick thinking to solve the mystery in an hour before the Captain’s reputation and marriage is ruined. Pit yourself against other detectives to solve this crime the fastest!Considered the most unique escape room Sydney has available today

ASSASSIN IN THE PUB: ADVANCED ESCAPE ROOM Based on real life 1920’s Razor Gangs of Sydney. Bruhn a razor gang leader has been assassinated! Could the assassin be one of Sydney’s most powerful gang leaders, Madam Tilly Devine or her arch rival Madam Kate Leigh. Or is it another shady Sydney character?