Mission - Sydney



Sydney, Australia

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Mission Room Escape Sydney is an actual simulation of puzzle games(escape the room/room escape) where the objective is to escape the room by your brain. We make...

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Capacity: 2-9

Phone: 02 7900 8746      

Suite 301&2,3, 332 pitt st, Sydney

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2 Player: 70 AUD
35 AUD / Player
3 Player: 120 AUD
40 AUD / Player
4 Player: 180 AUD
45 AUD / Player
5 Player: 180 AUD
36 AUD / Player
6 Player: 180 AUD
30 AUD / Player

Special Prices

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For further information regarding special offers please contact us at info@roomescape.com


Theme: VAMPIRE CASTLE It’s a stormy night when you and a friend stumble upon a gloomy castle. You intend to use it as cover from the rain, but after entering, the door behind you creaks closed and can’t be opened. Suddenly, you’re transported to the middle ages and the clock is ticking…can you guys solve the mystery and escape the supernatural castle?

Theme: DR. M Dr. M is a renowned chemist. His son, on the other hand, only has eyes for astronomy. Undeterred, Dr. M tries to shape his son into a chemist as outstanding as himself. He imparts his heir with the totality of his knowledge while forcing him to take courses in chemistry. Eventually, his son can no longer handle the pressure and commits suicide to avoid a life he doesn’t want. Since the loss of his son, Dr. M’s grasp on reality slips further and further until he starts experimenting on living people. Unfortunately for you and your friends, you’ve awoken in a room after a drug-induced coma and Dr. M is aiming to make you his next experiment…Dr.M will be back in 80 mins, can you guys escape the fate of becoming laboratory rats?