Paniq Room - Sydney

Paniq Room

Paniq Room

Sydney, Australia

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We would like to introduce the classic and popular "LIVE ROOM ESCAPE PANiQ-ROOM has opened its doors back in March 15, 2012 in Budapest, so it was among the...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: +61.414468430

40 Gloucester St., The Rocks NSW 2000

Email address




2 Player: 80 AUD
40 AUD / Player
3 Player: 120 AUD
40 AUD / Player
4 Player: 140 AUD
35 AUD / Player
5 Player: 150 AUD
30 AUD / Player
6 Player: 180 AUD
30 AUD / Player

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world. The ?garage company? has evolved and now it?s operating 8 rooms in Hungary and has conquered the new world, represented in Hollywood, Los Angeles and Australia. The aim of our diverse, thematic and challenging tracks is to offer the most interesting adventurous missions for all ages and groups. The countdown timer which is alway visible shows how much time you have left. You may book through our booking system, by selecting the desired track.


Abandoned Military Bunker
on the Rocks

Your mission as a member of an investigating team: A BUNKER! Get into a military bunker on the Rocks, where you need to find confidential documents for the government. The red file, the target of your mission, contains irreplaceable confidential data. It turns out however, that the place is a trap. The door locks as soon as you enter and there is no way out. It takes several hours for the rescue team to get there, but you cannot wait that long, as you find a bomb and time is ticking fast! You have only 60 minutes left!

Supercell 117

You find yourselves in a cell, with stifling smoke. You have no idea how you got there. You are locked away from each other, and the situation is not looking good at all. One thing you know for sure: you have to get out! Work together as a team, brainstorm and try to get out. Would you save your own life only, or would you care for your friends as well? The choice is yours, but time is running out, and the guards are arriving soon.


You enter the mysterious house of a famous magician, in search of his lost secrets. As you continue through the rooms of the house, the doors close behind you and there doesn't seem to be a way back. Is the magician still around? Don't let yourself be tricked or let him screw with your mind. You need to overcome the magician's tricks and escape using your senses. You may lose your sense of time, but remember that you only have 60 minutes to get out! If you don't, the magician will be stuck in your mind forever.