Exodus Vienna - Wien

Exodus Vienna

Exodus Vienna

Wien, Austria

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Exodus offers breakthrough team building activities, which are not only fun rather aimed to improve group dynamics and enhance team communication. 

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: 43676831811111

Pramergasse 10, 1090

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70 EUR

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Our activities are based on unique problem solving concepts which with combination of dynamic feedback system create a challenging yet very productive group activity.

Looking for a place to organize corporate activity?

Exodus creates game-like activities, which can be played in an authentic atmosphere. 

You find yourself locked in a monk's cellar full of secrets, scrolls, and mysterious tools. To escape this room, you'll need to solve a variety of riddles, find keys, and play together as a team. Only a real team can pass this challenge!

At the end of the game you will get feedback on your performance. Our teambuilding quest is the perfect way to spend 60 min of our life!

Monk's secret

Explorers find themselves locked in the mysterious cellar of the monk Galesius, which has remained untouched ever since the monk's sudden disappearance in 1314. People say that he has found the key to eternal life: the sorcerer's stone.
Can the explorers unravel the mystery of the monk and escape in 60 minutes? Only you can answer those questions.