Live: Krimi - Wien

Live: Krimi

Live: Krimi

Wien, Austria

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You like excitement and adrenaline?You like solving puzzles and are tired to enjoy thrillers and Co. just on TV or in books? Then you have to come to the right

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Capacity: 5

Phone: 0043 676 44 72 027

Neustiftgasse 87, 1070 Wien

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90 EUR

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With logic thinking, ingenuity, teamwork and the right timing you will experience a world full of surprises. Solve criminal cases or protect the city from a highly explosive bomb.

In our games you can act lika a police-officer, a detective or a commissioner and experience exciting adventures.

How does it work? Choose one of our missions and experience an unforgettable game with family or friends. We hope to see you soon!


Our outdoor-missions are perfect for school groups and companies as a team building event. 

Due to individually designed tasks it is possible to arrange the games for an unlimited count of participants, who have to cope with exciting puzzles depending on age and requirements. 

This is not only a good chance to test the team-spirit within the group, but also shows the problem-solving skills of each player. 

If you contact us by email or phone, we will send you a totally indivudual offer and you can experience a unique adventure.