LogiKeller - Wien



Wien, Austria

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If you are a fan of logic puzzles, exciting interactive games and crave excitement, suspense, and dangerous situations, and if you are also fast and witty, then...

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: 436 509 262 842

Rudolf-Von-Alt Platz 7. 1/B, 1030 Wien

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2 Player: 70 EUR
35 EUR / Player
3 Player: 84 EUR
28 EUR / Player
4 Player: 92 EUR
23 EUR / Player
5 Player: 99 EUR
20 EUR / Player

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ch out, the moment you enter, the doors of the cellar will be shut! You have 60 minutes to submerge in the mysteries of our cellar! If you find the secret and the mission is accomplished, you only have one task left: TRY TO ESCAPE! THE THRILL IS GUARANTEED, HOWEVER YOUR ESCAPE IS NOT!


Master Thief

On this course you will experience what it is like to be a master thief. Acquire the map of the security sytem, find the safety vault, grab the money (if you can) and flee!!! Be careful, the alarms can go off very easily! Not only your brains will be put to the test on this course. If the alarm goes off, your time will elapse more quickly. What happens if you run out of time? Tik tok tik tok

Spy Game

You are agents of the MI6 who are informed that a secret cell of the KGB is operating in Vienna and is planning a plot against your homeland. Your task is to penetrate the secret hide-out of the KGB, acquire the target and prevent their plot. But you need to hurry, the KGB is already aware of your arrival! You have 60 minutes... tiktoktiktok