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Wien, Austria

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Learn the secrets of ParaPark! A place that captivates many and not just literally.

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: +43 699 1111 60 40

A-1230 Vienna, Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17/Halle A1

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The rules are simple: You enter, and the track encloses you. Countdown mechanism shows on the walls how much time you left. Every corner of the room, every subject is a new puzzle: devil-lock, puzzle, searching through hidden objects will lead the way out. 
To get out from ParaPark team work is needed, but strength is not required, it is enough if you're big in brain *.
Venture into the ParaPark levels with your companions!
Note that when the doors are closing, you have sixty minutes, to get out! 

We are looking forward you with locked gates, if ...

In one group minimum 2 and maximum 5 person can take part. It is very important because this play requires team-work in any case. During the escape more kind of skills are needed utilized them at the same time, so you cannot be successful alone. But besides there are no place for more than 5 person in the deep of ParaPark.
We are proud of the fact that we don’t want to frighten our pacemaker owner guests with fearful light – and voice effects. Why ParaPark is so sensational thanks to the exciting quizzes, searching for jigsaw puzzles pieces and the adventure of a team-work. These are which increase your adrenalin-level, too.
You don’t have to afraid that you meet such a fearful light – and voice effect or blood-curdling dramaturgic turn which usually require age limit in a movie. So we tell you the following:
Up to 14 age – with respect to the rules and norms – anybody can take her/his chance in ParaPark.  And the children – depending on their individual maturity – also can play under the escort of an adult in the basement.
But we are entirely at service of worried parents, pedagogues and colleagues from HR department with a personal talking.
* Does not need language skills!