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Wien, Austria

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Roomescape is an exciting new live game, designed for small groups of 2 to 5 people. You are locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to solve the mystery using...

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: 436 605 491 647

Lackierergasse 4., 1090 Wien

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68 EUR

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...n every step in order to beat the room.



“Ye who enter, abandon all hope.” -- Well the situation is not that dramatic but as soon as the door closes behind you the countdown starts. You have exactly one hour time to search through the bunker, use the items and tools you find, solve the puzzles, get the keys and codes to get into the control room and prevent the nuclear catastrophe. This can not be done alone. Trust your skills and those of your agent-mates and maybe than - maybe!? - you reach The Button…. but if the time expires comes the Big Boom!


You are in prison. Sentenced to life. Your only chance is to break free... But your guard is just too careful.Suddenly, there is a riot in Block B. Your guard has left his post... This is your chance!


A lethal man-made virus is turning healthy people into bloodthirsty, emotionless zombies. The virus is spread through a single bite. Most of the planet is now infected and the humanity is at the blink of extinction. Everything is destroyed and left to rot. Only a few people have survived. Among them a team of brilliant scientists from Russia that try to create a cure. But 24 hours ago all contact was lost with the Russia lab. No one knows what happened for sure, but they fear for the worst. You are a team of scientists who were shipped to Russia to finish the cure. You have only 60 minutes to save yourselves and the whole world before the zombies break down the door of the lab and eat you!