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Antwerp Clue

Antwerp Clue

Antwerpen, Belgium

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You are locked in a room for 60 minutes and you need to find a way to escape. There are a lot of objects, codes, hidden hints, that can help you to get out. You...

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: +32 3 233 58 12

Godefriduskaai 28, 2000 Antwerp

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2 Player: 60 EUR
30 EUR / Player
3 Player: 78 EUR
26 EUR / Player
4 Player: 96 EUR
24 EUR / Player
5 Player: 110 EUR
22 EUR / Player
6 Player: 120 EUR
20 EUR / Player

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..together and most importantly laugh together. The game is for teams of 2 to 6 people and for all ages from 16 and older. Under the age of 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult. During the event the game masters will guide you through if you get stuck. We have four different game rooms. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!


The Office Of John Monroe

Private Investigator, John Monroe, was recently found dead in his office. The police said it was murder so his office is still sealed. Players have only one hour to search his office, find the evidence and clues to wind up the case of who killed John Monroe and find their way out of his locked office.

The Taken Room

A simple but cheerful children’s room with everything you’d normally find except…..the children. Somebody has taken them. Your mission is to find out what happened and to get out of the room before the time runs out. Good luck!

The Lab Of Dr. Lev Pasted

This is the secret laboratory of the mysterious Romanian geneticist and biologist, Dr. Lev Pasted. In recent years, he had been focusing his experiments on some kind of blood elixir. The formula has disappeared and so has the doctor! Some say that the secret blood serum is still hidden somewhere inside the laboratory.

Zhe Lost Diamond Of Antwerp

The lost diamonds of Antwerp, based on the Zaventem diamond heist two years, are now thought to be in this room. The thieves have been arrested but refuse to say where the diamonds are hidden. This room is the only clue. You have one hour locked inside the room to find the diamonds before the thieves post bail and return to the room!!