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Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt

Brussel, Belgium

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The Escape Hunt Experience is a fantastic global entertainment franchise offering unique “escape the room” adventures to the public and corporate clients...

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Phone: + 32 (0)2 850 15 10

13-15 Rue de Livourne, 1060 - Bruxelles.

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2 Player: 70 EUR
35 EUR / Player
3 Player: 90 EUR
30 EUR / Player
4 Player: 100 EUR
25 EUR / Player
5 Player: 110 EUR
22 EUR / Player

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Where is The Escape Hunt Experience?  
Escape Hunt Brussels is located at 13 Rue de Livourne, 1060 Brussels near the Place Stéphanie. The nearest metro station is Louise. You can also come by car many parkings surround the venue.


ROBBERY OF THE MANNEKEN PISThe most famous statue of Brussels, symbol of the city, has been stolen once again. Locked in the hide out of the suspect, you will have to find the Manneken Pis and to replace it on its original base before the return of the thief: you only have 60 minutes and not one more to succeed!

BOMB AT THE ROYAL PALACEThe Brussels police have been alerted to a bomb threat inside The Royal Palace! A ransom letter has just arrived stating that the bomb with detonate in 60 minutes if a large sum of money is not paid. As a famous London detective it’s your job to assist the police in finding the perpetrator before the bomb goes off!

KIDNAPPING AT THE OPERAThe singer Olivia Bellamonte was kidnapped, we are at the interval of the spectacle in the Opera La Monnaie, which will last exceptionally one hour, find the kidnapper before the end of the interval otherwise it will be to one of you to replace Olivia on stage!