Escape Room Bruxelles - Brussel

Escape Room Bruxelles

Escape Room Bruxelles

Brussel, Belgium

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This time, you will experience the world of magic and esotericism. Discover it now in the street Alexiens (on the Sablon) Harry Houdini, a magician who has made...

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Capacity: 5-10


Rue des Alexiens, 1000 Bruxelles

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 ... but beware, it will be creative ... Here is some information about this great master of illusion that might be helpful.


This time, you will experience the world of magic and esotericism . To discover without waiting in the street Alexiens ( in the Sablon ) Harry Houdini , a magician who has made ​​history ! The most famous of the benefits of Houdini " King of Escape " are to escape. This is the mission entrusted to you ... but beware , it will show imagination ... Here is some information on this great master of illusion that could be helpful.

Aside from card tricks , Harry Houdini specialized in the art of escape. His famous disappearance of the Washington jail has had resounding echo in the world press : he was naked and chained in a locked cell , yet he managed to escape in front of the keeper . Still in his prowess in 1908 , tied in a straitjacket and placed in a hole under the ice, he came to break free from its shackles 10 minutes later . Another of his numbers was the legendary performance of " milk carton " in which he freed a jar filled with water.