Burgas escape - Burgas

Burgas escape

Burgas escape

Burgas, Bulgaria

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Are you looking for one real serious game?

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 359 88 717 3456

ул. Конт Андрованти, бл. 2А, 2 ет., бивш Битов ком

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60 BGN

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This is a brand new entertainment for Burgas - super game that is based on the popular online-game principle ''Escape the room''. You probably played it on the internet. Now we offer you to visit us to get the real feeling of the game in real life! This time you don't play by yourself, but you have your entire team with you - be it your friends, family, or colleagues! We guarantee that each member of the team will get equally amazing experience, and have tons of fun!