Mystery Escape Rooms - London Ca

Mystery Escape Rooms

Mystery Escape Rooms

London Ca, Canada

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You can expect a fun and safe environment.   We suggest you first start by searching the room for clues - be thorough!   Then work with your teammates...

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Capacity: 2-16

Phone: (519) 601-8989

551 Waterloo Street, London, Ontario

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There isn't a fun, intriguing and time-sensitive exercise like it where you really get to find true collaborations between colleagues. Several corporations now use escape rooms as part of their interview process, team selection, and corporate retreats. We offer something unique for our private events - we are able to tailor our games for specific purposes for employers to test and evaluate different traits amongst different teams. We have a resident psychologist on board that specializes in corporate psychology to assist us in targeted, specific training exercises as well.