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Ottawa Escapes

Ottawa Escapes

Ottawa, Canada

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Experience the unexpected! 1 hour to explore, scavenge, puzzle and solve the escape experience of a lifetime.

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Capacity: 4-10

Phone: 6138284386

1050 Baxter Rd

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Escape rooms began popping up in Asia several years ago, and have been spreading across the globe as more players solve, or struggle, their way out! Ottawa Escapes is proud to be the first family-friendly escape experience that anyone of any age will enjoy!

The gameplay in an Ottawa Escapes experience is made up of a series of challenges that must be solved in order to progress through the experience. These experiences take place in a themed area and can have a variety of end goals, such as escaping a room, completing a mission, building a construct, or anything else you can imagine. Escapes experiences can include tests of skill, puzzle solving, team coordination, determining sequences, scavenging for clues, and many other fun activities.
Work together with your group of four or more to complete the experience before time runs out!