One Hour Escape - Basel

One Hour Escape

One Hour Escape

Basel, Switzerland

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The old master thief led again from a brilliant robbery. The stolen gem is worth millions! The police has been missing without a trace.
However, a group of...

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Capacity: 2-7

Phone: 41 77 496 33 75

Theatergässlein 17, 4051

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2 Player: 76 CHF
38 CHF / Player
3 Player: 108 CHF
36 CHF / Player
4 Player: 136 CHF
34 CHF / Player
5 Player: 160 CHF
32 CHF / Player
6 Player: 174 CHF
29 CHF / Player

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Now they want to steal what has been stolen without getting hands dirty, without getting suspicious.
But the job seems harder as intended. Suddenly you're trapped in this apartment. 
Are you smart enough to get around all the obstacles of the experienced master thief? Just so you can steal and flee before you are caught.