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Zurich, Switzerland

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Time is ticking...the challenge of your life is in front of you...are you clever enough? Will you use your sixth sense? Will you be able to solve the puzzles? Will...

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Capacity: 2-54

Phone: 043 317 19 19

Zeughausstrasse 51, 8004 Zürich

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2 Player: 90 CHF
45 CHF / Player
3 Player: 120 CHF
40 CHF / Player
4 Player: 120 CHF
30 CHF / Player
5 Player: 150 CHF
30 CHF / Player
6 Player: 180 CHF
30 CHF / Player

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ESCAPE ROOMS Come into the Wilhelm Tell´s cottage, furnished like an authentic medieval Swiss house and discover the secrets of long forgotten historical tools and weapons. Get your little brain cells ready as they will be tested by our tricky riddles and clever tasks. You will not get out without generous amount of combination skills and logic.  There are many playful and action riddles awaiting you in our room full of exotic atmosphere and wildlife sounds. The mission is clear: You must outsmart the tiger to get out from the jungle. Adventure in the Jungle is an adult version of the Family Adventure in the Jungle. Puzzles to be solved are more difficult and complex and their number is significantly higher. Attention: At least one team member must weigh less than 70 kg.  Let us welcome you to the very 1st escape room all over the world especially designed for kids, as young as 5 years and older. 
Little adventurers will find a magical and exotic world awaiting behind the door. Good eye, sharp mind and vivid imagination will help them to fight through many adventures and exams in our jungle. The mission is clear: They must outsmart the tiger to get out. 
Family Adventure in the Jungle is a great place to throw your kid’s birthday party. There are many tasks to solve and every kid can discover and puzzle out several riddles. We can also make your gift to be part of the game and have it stashed in a chest as a special riddle for a celebrating kid. A catering after the game can be arranged too. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

ESCAPE MISSIONS (2-12 people)
Price for 2-5 people is 119.90 CHF, for 6 people 149.90 CHF, for a duel with 10 people 239.80 CHF and with 12 people 299.80 CHF

An Escape Mission is a new kind of Escape Game we created. It is something different, but similar to an Escape Room. The main difference is you are not escaping, because you are not locked in. You form a team of 2-5 people and receive a mission task. The mission takes place outside the ZURICHescape premises, but in close vicinity right in the centre of the city. You get a map, which will take you to the starting point of the mission. From this point you start solving tasks and riddles. You get 60 minutes time to solve the mission, same as in Escape Room. For the journey to and from the mission you get 30 minutes extra, so the whole escape game lasts 90 minutes. All Escape Missions are located indoors, so they can be played at any weather. An anonymous caller has just informed the Police, that a big robbery is about to happen in Zurich very soon. Time is running out. Only you as a team of detectives can prevent the robbery. Embark on a quest to find traces and evidence and stop the robber before the crime happens. 
Can be played as duel. Grandma Dietiker is a very active and smart old lady. She reads, does crosswords and travels. Right now she is going on holidays to an exotic country. Unfortunately her memory is not what it used to be. She is very forgetful. In order not to forget her transfer to the airport, she encoded it into a series of riddles. Will you be smart enough to solve grandma’s puzzles? 
Can be played as duel. Before he was put in jail, famous mafia boss, Ivan the Rich, managed to hide his famous gold fortune in a super secure safe protected by tricky codes. Ivan died in prison and many have tried to crack his super safe to get the treasure, but failed. Will you be the one, to succeed? A crew of evil aliens landed recently at an unknown spot in Zurich. They possess a legendary intergalactic destructive weapon IDW, which can wipe out all life on Earth. And they are willing to use it. Discover aliens' whereabouts, deactivate the IDW and save our Planet from destruction.