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Escape Montreaux

Montreaux, Switzerland

de 25 CHF / joueur

Escape Montreux est un nouveau concept de divertissement, connu comme Escape Game ou Escape Room) ou encore en français - un jeu d'évasion grandeur nature, est un jeu d'énigmes qui se joue en groupe.

de 25 CHF / joueur

Capacité: 2-6

What is the difference between escape games and other entertaining forms? First of all: this is totally interactive! A team locked in a room and they have to escape in time by solving riddles combine objects that hidden in the room and coopeate with the other members of the team. You controll everything, you can't lean back and watch whats happening like in the cinema, it's up to you and your team if you manage to escape in time! Thats the reason why escape games are so freakin' exciting! The different rooms have different themes and stories, so you can choose from a wide range of roles. Don't hesitate, book your room today, and let's see if you manage to escape in time! est un site agrégateur des jeux d'évasion réalistes du monde. Nous vous proposons les jeux d'évasion accessibles dans votre ville et près de chez vous.