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The Goal of our team is to get you to the best possible room escape game available near you!

Our database contains all the live room escape games in every city all over the world. It has been collected for a long time, and with great care to be able to bring the best possible room escape games just for you! This is the most detailed and fresh database you will find on the internet, and we are continously working on it to stay that way. The Roomescape.com team is refreshing and collecting all the places on a daily bases, so you don't have to take your time with searching, and can focus on choosing and playing these extraspecially loved games!!!

Room escape games were born on the internet to have a fast rallying growth in popularity and become one of the most frequently played online games. Their popularity started to decrease when no real innovations happened on this style of game. Luckily, around 2009 came a total breakthrough when real live room ecape games started to spread with unbelievable paste from Japan. These games are usually created for 2-6 person teams, whom are led by a gamemaster, and they have to solve different puzzles and riddles to get to their goal in 60 minutes which is usually escaping the room. There are more and more types of spinoffs, with games where you have to defuse bombs, or find a cure for a disease etc... With even bigger changes in the number of players from single person games to more than 20 people able to play at once in one room. Even some outdoor games appeared recently played in the neighborhood, or even stadium or throughout the whole city.

Our site will help you, to search through all of these types of games, get to know them, and have a chance to choose which one you and your friends, family, colleagues wish to visit and go for a try.

If you have already tried and escape game, it is obvious that you will find the ones you wish to play, if not, than you are on the best site to get familiar with these games.

Good luck for your search!!!
The Roomescape.com Team