Alps hut - Berlin

Cat in the bag

Alps hut

Berlin, Germany

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Alpen. Snowstorm. You are lost, it seems hopeless... and suddenly a small warm house in the middle of nowhere appears, but...

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Capacity: 2-4

Phone: 0157 / 715 737 81

Chausseestraße 15

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2 Player: 68 EUR
34 EUR / Player
3 Player: 78 EUR
26 EUR / Player
4 Player: 88 EUR
22 EUR / Player

Special Prices

There are no special offers this time
For further information regarding special offers please contact us at soon as you get inside you feel that something is wrong here. What's going on? The doors are closed and the house is alive. Solve all the secrets and find a way out.
You and your friends are locked in a room. Find the hints, keys and solve the puzzles in order to escape. The clock is ticking, you have only 60 minutes! Only when you work as one team and use all the artifacts correctly , you will find a way out in time. Are you ready for an adventure? Than lets go over a bit of the rules and let's go!

Rules of the game

«Cat in the bag» is a team game for 2-4 players. You don't need to be a Hercules or Einstein to escape... attention, activity and logic will be enough.

All rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones, so we are ready to help you or give a hint anytime you need. In one hour, the doors will open automatically.

All the electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras and tools like a screwdriver, master key, soldering-iron we would ask you to lock in a locker.

For security reasons intoxicated individuals are not allowed to play.

The age of players - from 7 years old and up. Please note that kids from 7 to 14 are allowed to play with their parents only.