Claustrophobia - Berlin



Berlin, Germany

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Escape rooms of Claustrophobia are a game in reality; however, this reality doesn’t look like our ordinary environment. You will be locked...

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Capacity: 2-4

Phone: 03055521400

Gunerstrasse 20, Shopping Center ALEXA, 3. OG

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p>In "Claustrophobia" everything is happening in reality, and all that you see before you, you can touch, move, once used in the game (but preferably not broken, do not uproot from the floor, walls, ceiling, and so on - this remind you to be sure before the game). After 60 minutes, your team gets indoors. If one hour of the passage of the quest was not enough, the door is still open, but in this case, do not expect us to honor and cool bracelet winners.

Quest "Vault 13"
Lucky to survive the nuclear war in an underground shelter — Vault 13, you are the last of the human kind, dreaming of seeing sunlight once again.

Quest "Museum of Modern Art"
Let’s face it, we have all dreamt of throwing a museum heist at least once! Not for the money, though, but solely to keep a masterpiece to ourselves. Here is your shot! It’s a pitch black night: visitors gone, guards out for coffee and donuts. You have the gear and an accomplice — somebody on the inside. Now is the time to snatch the most valuable exhibit and vanish.