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Berlin, Germany

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Until recently, the Hungarian franchise companies TRAP had a local Live Escape Game Room in Berlin offered. Now, however, has changed a lot. The Escape Room in

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Capacity: 15-100

Phone: 4 915 730 804 363

Gärtnerstrasse 15, in the Szimpla-Café, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

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Berlin no longer exists, it is now a mobile Escape Game offered.

Businesses and individuals can order to be in their own premises the mobile Escape game in Germany. A maximum of two playing fields within 30 minutes both indoor as well as outdoor be constructed with approximately 30 m² space required per pitch. Good is the mobile Escape Game for 15-100 people, which makes it ideal for original birthday and company parties and especially teambuilding events of a company.

The aim of the Escape Games is to defuse a ticking time bomb within 60 min. But this will only be achieved through logic, creativity and above all teamwork! All candidates will be available on request a customized package tied to every need perfectly accessible.

TRAP Mobile will inspire their party guests and weld together their employees guarantees as a team!