Exit Mania - Darmstadt

Exit Mania

Exit Mania

Darmstadt, Germany

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As the first provider in Germany, we have team bonded Live Escape Games for 8 to 1,000 participants and combine them with the option of using our Workshops.

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Capacity: 8-1000

Phone: 4 961 513 915 818

Pallaswiesenstrasse 63, Darmstadt, Hessen

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Companies and employees benefit directly and promptly from this added value.
Such events to teambuilding improve communication and cooperation noticeably: Limited time in competition with other teams provokes stress, so the capacity of the individual and the group grows strengthened, especially in critical situations in daily work which is of great benefit.

This concept included training we tested during a whole year. We refined that synthesis of information and match it to market. Of already convinced major companies such as: IBM, German Railways, German Bank and Commerzbank and KPMG.