mission60minutes - Live Escape Game - Duesseldorf

mission60minutes - Live Escape Game

mission60minutes - Live Escape Game

Duesseldorf, Germany

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2 stories. 180 sqm. 8 rooms. 60 minutes. And your team! Welcome to Dusseldorf's unique real-life team attraction, the city's first Live Escape Game. In the...

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Capacity: 2-16

Phone: 0211-94682351

Rather Str. 52, 40476

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2 Player: 70 EUR
35 EUR / Player
3 Player: 80 EUR
27 EUR / Player
4 Player: 100 EUR
25 EUR / Player
5 Player: 120 EUR
24 EUR / Player
6 Player: 140 EUR
23 EUR / Player

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tons of excitement, puzzles and obstacles are waiting for you, your friends or colleagues.

Final destination: Dr. Schneider's Workshop

In this game you will get to know the deep abyss of the soul of terminally ill and forcedly retired Dr. Schneider.
He is fighting unsuccessfully against his uncurable genetic disease. 
In the beginning, his basement was meant for animal testing. But since he is running out of time, he now focuses on other kinds of test subjects... groups of human beings.

 Once a week he is leaving his basement for an hour and this is your only chance to escape from his tight grip. And don’t forget: you only have 60 minutes!

The Virus ... or ...Horror in the Slaughterhouse

You wake up in the laboratory of Prof. Bergmann, a mad scientist who once developed warfare agents for foreign governments.The professor used to lead a group of the world's most renowned scientists in the field of weapon's technology -- until that one fateful day when Prof. Bergmann burned half of his face with acid.

Since then, he disappeared from the public eye.Children in the area recount stories of an evil creature that haunt the slaughterhouse of Düsseldorf Derendorf.

Is there a connection with the mysterious disappearance of several teenagers in Düsseldorf?