The Break Out - Dusseldorf
The Break Out - Dusseldorf

The Break Out

The Break Out

Dusseldorf, Germany

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You want to experience an exciting adventure with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances or family? Then just imagine the challenge as a team in the first Escape...

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Capacity: 2-6


FĂĽrstenwall 63

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Between you and the door to freedom are 3 mysterious rooms , Puzzle and adrenaline . Find hidden clues , decrypts puzzles and feel all the secrets of a room on ... and above all : Works together - because time works inevitably against you !

Team Spirit , powers of deduction , a little imagination and the unconditional will to win : these are the key to success! With a little pace , creativity and logical thinking your secures you a Top Placement in our High Score ! THE BREAKOUT is a puzzle game for everyone who in his spare time wants to participate in a totally different type ! Whether after work or on weekends if among friends , family or colleagues - THE BREAKOUT is an adventure for thinking athletes and amateur sleuths of all ages

Through tasks that can only be solved in a team and continually ticking clock in the neck is THE BREAKOUT the perfect group experience for working groups and is particularly suitable as a teambuilding or as an active part in meetings and company incentives .