Room of Secrets - Kempten

Room of Secrets

Room of Secrets

Kempten, Germany

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The door to the Room of Secrets is closed and you are trapped inside. But the "key to success" and thus to the exit is not easy to obtain. Tricky tasks...

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Capacity: 3-6

Phone: 83 161 050 193

Bäckerstraße 17

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3 Player: 80 EUR
27 EUR / Player
4 Player: 90 EUR
23 EUR / Player
5 Player: 100 EUR
20 EUR / Player
6 Player: 110 EUR
18 EUR / Player

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 But - only together you can solve the mystery. Your ability to work together as a team will largely determine the success - you manage to escape into sixty minutes out of the room? The clock is ticking...


Your embark in the detective bureau of Edgar Watson. This is packed with things - only behind which hides a clue? The office in Baker Street will delight all fans of difficult tasks and so has many interesting features. This space brings your heads to smoke ...


This space is not for people claiming the "scene" as a horror film. Too much will not reveal, but you should not be afraid in the dark have ... The practitioners among the participants feel in this room a fiddle. Here you should also bring a minimum of mobility and fitness.