Enigma Live Escape - Mannheim

Enigma Live Escape

Enigma Live Escape

Mannheim, Germany

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"The first in Mannheim and the entire Rhine-Neckar district!

Come along and be part of a stunning,

exciting and yet intriguing puzzle...

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Capacity: 2-4


Am Steingarten 2

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80 EUR

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strong>"The Room"
You and your team have to escape from a furnished room. Finding the key to freedom by their puzzle-solving and combined notes. It wait numerous tasks to you, which must be solved. Are you capable of doing? -This Room is best suited for Live Escape-boarding
"The Slaughterhouse"
Your friend has since discovered something strange ... that's about blood? When they want to look at the matter more closely is at once her life is at stake! Can you save her life from the claws of the butcher? -this is what space for beginners and Wiederholungstäter-
"The Lab" You are locked up in the laboratory of the mad professor. Raises the tricky puzzles to get the key to freedom to gain. Are you born Einstein and manages to escape from the lab? -For Liveescapler the zutrauen- something
"The Prison" *
One of your friends has been indented. You and your team have to try to free him from solitary confinement and then to escape. Are you ready for the risky adventure? -This Room places special emphasis on communication and is something for Fortgeschrittene-