Out Of Control - Munich

One Hour Left

Out Of Control

Munich, Germany

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One Hour Left takes the art of Escape Games to the next level. A lot of challenging and interactive puzzles combined within an exciting story are waiting for yo

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: 49 (89) 66 594 204

Jägerweg 10 85521 Ottobrunn

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We form a group of young students and graduates that are aware of the value of high-quality entertainment. Therefore, we want to offer entertainment at the highest level especially to our equals.
The result: A service, that combines fun, teambuilding and feelings of success, also known as “Live Exit Game” or “Escape the Room”.
You and your team will be “locked up” in a game-room of your choice and you will have exactly 60 minutes of time in order to free yourself. Inside the room there are mysteries, challenges and riddles that need to be solved in order to escape. Thereby, especially teamwork, communication, logical reasoning, dexterity and creativity are of use. No matter if you succeed in the end, it is guaranteed, that during the game you will have fun and the feeling of excitement and adrenaline.
Our “Escape the Room” in Munich is an exciting and alternative leisure activity for all age groups, that should not be missed. We look forward to your visit.