Escape Game Nagold - Nagold

Escape Game Nagold

Escape Game Nagold

Nagold, Germany

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A locked room, plenty to find hidden clues, perplexing puzzles and just 60 minutes to everything, to correctly interpret and resolve. The goal is the key to open...

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 4 915 775 237 182

Leibnitz Straße 4

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The jail-life escape Game

It happened. You sit in jail. Innocent course. But what use is. The cell door is locked.

But what does the garrulous jailer yet told? The bank robber Freddy Finger is escape from this cell and managed to this day no one knows how.

Do not let them hang you. Somewhere must nevertheless be found information about Freddy Fingers escape - but hurry up!

In 60 minutes, the guards come back.