Exit The Matrix - Regensburg

Exit The Matrix

Exit The Matrix

Regensburg, Germany

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Regensburg Escape Game

For several years, the so-called Escape Games Exit Games or spread across the globe.

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 0941 599 327 24

Fishmarkt 5

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4 Player: 96 EUR
24 EUR / Player
4 Player: 114 EUR
29 EUR / Player
6 Player: 132 EUR
22 EUR / Player

Special Prices

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For further information regarding special offers please contact us at info@roomescape.com

The aim of the game is to liberate your team from a room full of puzzles.
You have one hour by skill, logic and especially teamplay to solve the puzzles devised by us to combine objects together and code to crack. Only together you can make it to freedom.

Our Games we recommend friend (inn) en, family, classmate (inn) en, Kolleg (inn) en, students (held) n and Student (inn) s as a leisure activity and also for special occasions, such as Bachelor (inn) enabschieden or birthdays. You can give away as a voucher Exit The Matrix.

We have designed for you in Regensburg three fantastic games for teams consisting of 2- 6 players. We recommend a player for more than 4 players. Participate you can from 10 years accompanied by an adult. For a visit with us you must schedule 90 minutes and reserve the game online and absolutely arrive 15 minutes before the game starts to play your Live Exit Game in Regensburg.


In the beginning was the sound!
In the library of the eccentric Dr. Victor Ridalgo ye the secret writings must study carefully. He has given you leave all notes and if you indicated this exactly, you come to the coveted key through which you can recover Euere freedom.


The first step you have done and find yourself in the headquarters of the Members of the resistance. After a stop of the agent nothing works. Adds your the puzzle pieces together correctly? Do you recognize the way out of the mess? The agents are on the heels you! So Hurry up so that you can escape before the next attack.


The doors of perception can be opened only with difficulty. Do not be fooled, found the door, the further forward you. Come you over the threshold again you find yourself. This is just the beginning of your journey through the portals.

"Doors of Perception" is not yet released for technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.