Mission Escape - Saarlouis

Mission Escape

Mission Escape

Saarlouis, Germany

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Thrills, adrenaline and adventure! Solves the mystery and bring your mind to a boil. You have 60 minutes to escape the room!

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 06831 9669946

Saarwellingerstr. 199

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2 Player: 60 EUR
30 EUR / Player
3 Player: 78 EUR
26 EUR / Player
4 Player: 90 EUR
23 EUR / Player
5 Player: 95 EUR
19 EUR / Player
6 Player: 99 EUR
17 EUR / Player

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A research team found a few days ago the secret laboratory of Dr. Bennet, a highly respected virologists. Upon entering to all team members contaminated with an extremely dangerous and deadly virus. It is highly contagious and has already begun to spread. A cure is currently not known. However, there is evidence of an antidote within the Labores. Pharmaceutical companies require this antidote to reproduce it and so to heal all concerned. Unfortunately, when you open the Labores parts of power were paralyzed. Your task is to make the power back to find all 4 antidote samples and the combination lock of the exit door crack and escape with the samples! But remember: You have just 60 minutes ...


... The most dangerous secret agent in the world. For years, they live under a false identity among us ... just waiting to finally begin their secret mission. For many years, government and intelligence agencies are already working on these "sleepers" to locate and frustrate their plans. Once again it has been possible to locate a secret hiding place. In the rear part of the hiding place is noisy first analyzes a nuclear bomb, which presumably is intended to trigger World War 3. The government has you selected as the best Special Forces in order to defuse the bomb and save the world from a nuclear catastrophe! But remember: You have just 60 minutes ....