Live Room Escape - Stuttgart

Live Room Escape

Live Room Escape

Stuttgart, Germany

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In this fun escape game a team of 2-6 members is locked in a mysterious room. The participants have to solve riddles and puzzles, find hidden objects and keys, various...

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Capacity: 2-6


Gutenbergstrasse 14. 4. OG, Filderstadt

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99 EUR

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For further information regarding special offers please contact us at exciting race against time with the goal to leave the room within 60 minutes valuable. Physical strength is not needed, only creativity, logical thinking and team spirit are required.

The crazy game of chess

In this escape room you surprise many electronic tricks, challenging puzzles and all sorts of hidden items. Looking for clues you need to repeatedly solve perplexing puzzles and combine creative. What's up with the enigmatic chessboard to be ?? Can you find out this, solves all tasks and open all the locks so you can leave her room. Knowledge of chess is not required.
This room is of medium difficulty.
Language: German

Operation: Brainstorm

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the little genius is his just 12 years one of the leading scientists in the field of concealment and deception. For his masterpiece a mysterious game room he brings all his knowledge. You have the unique opportunity to explore the mysterious world of the little genius. Opens the treasure chest and find the key back to reality before you become disoriented, and be trapped forever in his playroom.
Depending on the advice of the head of the game difficulty this escape area ranges from moderate to severe.
Language: English & German

Top Secret

The recruitment program of the British secret service MI6 is tough and besides physical fitness also calls for a variety of mental strength after your stages have already climbed on foot you must now prove even the second. After many hardships you are now advanced into the final round of selection tests and must together keep a cool head to escape from the training room within the allotted 60 minutes.
Difficulty: medium to hard
Language: English & German