Operation BlackSheep (satellite) - London


Operation BlackSheep (satellite)

London, United Kingdom

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Sign up for Mr Q's 60 minute escape challenge, where he will lock you in a room...or rooms, filled with clues, puzzles,

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Capacity: 3-5

Phone: 0(044)777 007 1577

11 Plough Yard, London, EC2A 3LP

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3 Player: 89 GBP
30 GBP / Player
4 Player: 99 GBP
25 GBP / Player
5 Player: 109 GBP
22 GBP / Player

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 riddles and brain teasers, for you to solve. For a successful escape you will only need...

Operation BlackSheep (satellite)

Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q's arch nemesis is planning a plot against all clueQuest agents. The Professor is working on his plan for years now to overtake the whole world, and control (wo)mankind forever. We need all our agents to return to cQ HQ, to stop the Professor from succeeding with his evil plan.