Gemini Rooms 1 & 2 - London

Exodus London Escape Rooms

Gemini Rooms 1 & 2

London, United Kingdom

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he results are in and Exodus Escape Rooms not only brings the best fun in town, but also the most challenging and rewarding escape experience.

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Capacity: 3-10

Phone: 226.777.4141

520 Wellington Street

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Escape rooms offer a creative and challenging way to develop your professional teams. Colleagues must communicate, share ideas and work together to complete their Exodus- or risk being trapped together forever! We offer on-site facilitation after your game is done to enhance the learning and impact of the experience. Book our private room to cater in lunch and share your experiences.

Is it your birthday? Great- you play free, so plan to celebrate your special day with us! Book our private room to host your celebration and then begin your Exodus challenge. Our games are recommended for ages 16+ and for groups of 16 people. If there are participants under the age of 16, we do require an adult to be present in the game room. We can create a custom package for your group. Head to our booking page to contact us. We're here to help.

Think you and your friends are smarter than all the rest? Think you can work together to solve the puzzles and find the clues in time? There's nothing more satisfying for a group than completing your exodus...and nothing worse than failing- let the shaming begin! Our games are played with 2-8 players and best played with 4-6. Got a larger group? Not a problem. Book our Dual format game and play head-to-head to see who escapes with the most time left.

This Exodus offers a challenging environment to test your skills! With a variety of games, puzzles and clues to encounter, your escape from this room depends on your teamwork and communication skills. But be careful, not everything in this room is helpful to your escape! Time is always of the essence- especially in Gemini.

This room is so popular we had to create two of them- that’s right, you can challenge your group of friends and compete head to head against each other and the clock. This set-up also works well for our corporate guests who can share the experience and compare notes afterwards. Note: Both Gemini games are the same.

Your skills of observation, detail and creativity will help your escape and our difficulty rating for this game is 4/5. Perfect for those looking for a real challenge, a bit of frustration and many “ah-ha” moments. This Exodus can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for this game.

You enter a room that reminds you of your grandfather’s study. It is full of items he loved, treasured collections and stories he wants to share. Everything looks to be in good order- just how you remember it. Once you realize something is out of place, you’ll be on your way.

Nothing is quite what it seems in our den. You’ll have to apply all of your cunning to see past the deceit and find the true path forward. Working as a team is a good way to survive in the den, but don’t forget the clock is ticking.

This room is a lot of fun and offers a good challenge for determined players. The tasks in this room depend on your deduction, logic and reasoning and, our difficulty rating is 4.5/5 for this Exodus. This Exodus can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for this game.BOOK NOW

This is the story of Abigail. Her short life on earth was not always a happy one and all of her time was spent in only three rooms. Your visit to Abigail’s Nursery will be one of intrigue and keen focus to decipher the clues she has left you so that she may finally rest at peace. Otherwise, you may all be trapped there forever!

The tasks in this Exodus are more interactive and activity based than our other games. You will need to carefully follow the information from clue to clue to gain access to the items you need to complete your escape.

We’ve given Abigail’s Nursery a difficulty rating of 3.5/5…because, well, she was ONLY 13…

Please note there is a minimum charge of 4 players for this game and a max occupancy of 10.