A küldetés - Budapest


A küldetés

Budapest, Hungary

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The Enigma is a 90-minute mission, exciting adventure game for 3-6-person teams. Fun, fun with friends or family, but also for team building training is an

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Capacity: 3-6

Phone: 36205598143

1134 Budapest XIII. ker. Rózsafa utca 4.

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3 Player: 12 000 HUF
4 000 HUF / Player
4 Player: 12 000 HUF
3 000 HUF / Player
5 Player: 12 000 HUF
2 400 HUF / Player
6 Player: 12 000 HUF
2 000 HUF / Player

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excellent option for employees. The goal is to gain and getting out to the scene of the mysterious object called Enigma. For this collaboration as a team, the small gathering information, comprehensive scouted need to move ahead. Upon arrival in a few minutes of video self-handler from the client get to know the details of the mission and its history. During the mission Alexandra - the tech genius - providing regular verbal support to move forward and warns of the difficulties that may arise. Going from room to room, varied tasks and solving puzzles to be jutnotok forward to a successful collaboration as a team during the game. The mission is to fulfill the need for both logic puzzles to solve and skill to overcome the obstacles put many lives.