Retro lakás belső - Budapest

Escape Room

Retro lakás belső

Budapest, Hungary

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The 80s and 90s housing estate you enter her apartment, where racing against time to find the front door key to get out. The last object is It is also

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Capacity: 3-5

Phone: 06-70-603-00-72

1064 Izabella u. 81

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important to the final solution.

Now open the Escape Room is unique, since four different themed rooms (Jungle Horror Retro Beach) are available, high demand was paid to design, visual, spatial effects (3D printing). It's not easy to figure out which device, object will lead to a solution, because a lot of things you can find in the area, the clock is constantly ticking. The rooms are camera shaking so centrally track of what's going on behind closed walls. It is important that the focus is not to scare you. The high adrenaline levels rapidly decrease the time, along with solving the mysteries and puzzles needed to tighten. If it is the last key that will unlock the door, then you escaped.

The experience is unique, the only question that dare to cut it !. One thing is certain, gyarapodsz an experience that you have not lived through.