Szalmalovag - Budapest



Budapest, Hungary

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Shapes can travel back in time to the world of the Dark Ages 60 minutes. Rescue out of the dungeons of the Castle Knight of straw, and with it - the

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 06 302 857 580

1117 Hunyadi János út 19

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2 Player: 4 990 USD
2 495 USD / Player
3 Player: 9 990 USD
3 330 USD / Player
4 Player: 9 990 USD
2 498 USD / Player
5 Player: 9 990 USD
1 998 USD / Player
6 Player: 9 990 USD
1 665 USD / Player

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vmeneküljetek evadingthe clutches of the Black Knight!

The szabadulószoba (or kijutószoba) is a closed task room, where every object gainsnew meaning, and if you pay attention, because each leads to the goal: to get out! Of course, not do it alone: family or friends (. Colleagues may, beosztottaiddal, classmates or sports, etc.) should megtalálnotok a way out of the closed kijutószobábóltogether, locating the key to salvation. To do so, a variety of codes and keys will behasználnotok while items in combination adrenaline during an investigation.