Műtő - Budapest

Locked Escape Game


Budapest, Hungary

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Nobody enjoys staying in a hospital... ...not to mention, this time you have no clue how did you ended up there. You and your friends wake up and find

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 36 30 458 2905

Budapest, Király u.

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2 Player: 12 000 HUF
6 000 HUF / Player
3 Player: 12 000 HUF
4 000 HUF / Player
4 Player: 12 000 HUF
3 000 HUF / Player
5 Player: 12 000 HUF
2 400 HUF / Player
6 Player: 12 000 HUF
2 000 HUF / Player

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yourselves in a dark operating room of a long time abandoned hospital. Regarding to your memories you spent your last night at a hotel's conference room, listening to a doctor's course. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his room at the hotel to have a drink with him... this is where the memories starts to get dizzy. You must get out of the operating room, and get to the doctor's office through the hospital. The "key" of you freedom can be found there. 

The time goes by fast, and the mad surgeon could return in any minute...

The game combines the oldscool escape games paired with modern technology and a little creepy atmosphere to please everyone.