Fűrész, az Igazi - Budapest

Paniq Szoba

Fűrész, az Igazi

Budapest, Hungary

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You are in a semidark room. You have no idea for how long you’ve been here nor how you got there. It’s only you in the room. There is a voice recorder on th

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Capacity: 2-7

Phone: 36 70 551-52-50

1085 Budapest, Mária utca 29.

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table. As you switch it on, a distorted voice says:

„Hello! I wanna play a game. You have done so many evil things in your life, that now it’s time to be punished. You have 60 minutes to escape before the poisonous gas spreads the room until it reaches a deadly concentration level. The rules are simple. Open the locks and solve the tasks inside. If you have solved the right task, you will find something that will lead you out from the room. If your time is up, the gas will kill you all and I will use your dead bodies for the next game. If you dare to try to break the locks open I will increase the amount of gas immediately. Don’t forget, that I keep my eyes on you. Let the game begin”