Sweet escape - Budapest

Sweet Escape

Sweet escape

Budapest, Hungary

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Find the recipe for endless chocolate, you get chocolate from the infinite field Fulfil the Sweet Escape mission in just 60 minutes!

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 36,206,110,375

1063. Budapest, Szinyei Merse utca 30.

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2 Player: 8 900 HUF
4 450 HUF / Player
3 Player: 8 900 HUF
2 967 HUF / Player
4 Player: 8 900 HUF
2 225 HUF / Player
5 Player: 8 900 HUF
1 780 HUF / Player
6 Player: 8 900 HUF
1 483 HUF / Player

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The Sweet Escape guaranteed under the program to kiszakadsz the everyday world. You will feel that now is not the routine of everyday life you live.
You can be part of a reality that is different from the everyday megszokottságtól. Small romantic exaggeration, this experience is so intense, you feel as if you yourself would cease to exist.
The game is so busy that simply lack the capacity to pay attention to your body, to your home or dwelling on problems. I do not even feel that you are hungry, perhaps tired.