A Csempész - Budapest


A Csempész

Budapest, Hungary

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"The Smuggler" the latest játékterünk. As everyone knows, the most important thing for the family, but Peppino, a smuggler, he does not think so and betrayed ...

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 00 36 70 628 3568

1060 Budapest, Paulay Ede str. 33 (AnKER'T pub's basement)

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2 Player: 12 000 USD
6 000 USD / Player
3 Player: 12 000 USD
4 000 USD / Player
4 Player: 12 000 USD
3 000 USD / Player
5 Player: 12 000 USD
2 400 USD / Player
6 Player: 12 000 USD
2 000 USD / Player

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it. The last shipment never arrived, Don Gambinohoz, so they sent the best team (you) to solve the problem. Now it's your turn to reclaim the precious things that the smugglers stole Don Gambinotól. Can you do it before the police arrive and arrest the whole gang? Just depends on you! If you're smart enough, you do not have to worry because Don Gambino's fury.
More information may not see the light of day (so you can know too much already of the opinion that the party leader).

considering the degree of difficulty for beginners and advanced alike szabadulóink and enjoy the game.