A HOLLYWOOD játék - Budapest

Team Escape


Budapest, Hungary

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Hollywood is not just about glamor and sunshine. A mad film director brains are blurred between reality and fiction. The goal is to manage your world all his

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 36 20 420 5750

1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa u. 3. I/5

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2 Player: 7 900 HUF
3 950 HUF / Player
3 Player: 9 900 HUF
3 300 HUF / Player
4 Player: 9 900 HUF
2 475 HUF / Player
5 Player: 11 900 HUF
2 380 HUF / Player
6 Player: 11 900 HUF
1 983 HUF / Player

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people, and as a first step plan stole the most sacred symbol of the city of movies.
But now you and your team a chance to stop him!

We guarantee that it will be difficult with you, but it is enough to listen Enterprises excluded from the brains, eyes open and follow the clues left behind. Every detail counts, but if it overcomes the obstacles agents can be found in the stolen treasure and you have been Hollywood's newest heroes.

Anyway developing into promise that the journey will be full of surprises and excitement!