Kalandok a Piramisban - Budapest


Kalandok a Piramisban

Budapest, Hungary

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There once lived a pharaoh that named himself Hor after the falcon gods. Hor was very proud of his witty clever intellect. In 25 years and at the cost of

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Capacity: 2-5

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2 Player: 12 000 HUF
6 000 HUF / Player
3 Player: 12 000 HUF
4 000 HUF / Player
4 Player: 12 000 HUF
3 000 HUF / Player
5 Player: 12 000 HUF
2 400 HUF / Player

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thousands of slave lives he built a Pyramid of Doom which he invited all the lands monarchs to test themselves by making it out alive of the pyramid before starving to death.The monarch that makes it out alive will then be the ruler of all of Egypt.

Szerfi, a traders son hearing of this challenge dressed up as a king and attempted the pharaoh’s challenge first. Szerfi made it out of the pyramid in three days but finding out of the fraud Hor sentence the traders son to death. When the falcon gods saw this, they punished the pharaoh by striking him with lightning that permanently left a look of froth on his face. Anyone who enters the pyramid will suffer the pharaoh’s faith and pay with their lives if they can not conquer the Pyramid of Doom.

Are you brave enough to take on the pharaoh’s challenge.