Szabadulj ki-Vác - Vác

Szabadulj ki-Vác

Szabadulj ki-Vác

Vác, Hungary

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Our goal is to entertain. With the goal was established to families, couples, students, groups of friends, companies come to us and we give an unforgettable experience...

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Capacity: 2-7

Phone: 6209235376

Széchenyi u. 2. pince

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8 900 HUF

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If it was a good location, on a busy pedestrian street where many people meet these mysterious places and were given puzzles that are born in our minds. To you we found out a game with which others have not met you. Here is guaranteed to be a memorable experience in the game after you receive, you will also have to talk about it afterwards.

Come in and get you out of a vault full of mysteries and puzzles with Saw-studded room!