Smart Room - Berlin

Smart Room

Smart Room

Berlin, Germany

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An intellectual journey for a team of 2 to 5 people, where everyone's abilities, may apply to the quiz solution to the test. You can arrive at a crime scene...

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Capacity: 2-5

Phone: 172 414 22 09 

Nöldnerstr. 1., 10317

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..which is closed after you have entered this. Inspect the room, use items and tips found, close to the vaults, make logical chains. At your disposal 60 minutes. During this time, you must uncover the mystery of this room and find the way out


Looks like you love horror movies; and your friends have decided to make fun of you. They have locked you in a mortuary for a few minutes just for fun. However, the door lock stuck; and it is impossible to open the door with the key. The only choice you have is to calm down, concentrate, and find your way out of that room. We hope that you are not afraid of blood?!



Several illegal casinos are located in a small forgettable city near Berlin. There is also one bar there, where an entrance is only for a certain group of people. You and your friends have decided to go to the bar for a few drinks. You are there drinking; suddenly, your old friend Boris has approached you and asked: “Where are the money you owe to me? You have one hour to bring my money back!” Unfortunately, none of you have such a huge amount of money; and you have no idea how to get this amount of money. Therefore, you have only one choice to try your luck out at the casino.


You and your high school friends have decided to visit your favourite teacher. The entrance door is opened. Thus, you have decided to go inside. Nobody is at home. The teacher has disappeared somewhere. Everything looks very strange. You think about leaving the apartment and finding out what has happened to your teacher. However, the entrance door is closed…somebody has locked you in the apartment. You have to find your way out of the apartment and to find out about the disappearance of your teacher.