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Arvada, United States

From 25 USD

First of all, what on earth is an escape room? An escape room is much more than just a space—it’s an exhilarating and challenging team-building experience.

From 25 USD

Capacity: 2-11


Escape room games in Arvada

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What is an escape game? You and your friends will be the part of a story and race against time to complete your mission and escape. Challenges that you'll face include hidden objects, obstacles, puzzles, the countdown clock, and riddles that will engage multiple senses. If you have a keen eye, a brain of a detective, and a good team you may manage to complete all the challenges and escape the room! escape room games are excellent program for families, friends, corporate team building, and more! Treating someone to an escape game is always a great and memorable gift for birthdays, celebrations, and other holidays events.